Fast-Casual Concept NAYA Opens in Paramus

—Renowned fast-casual eatery, NAYA, comes to Paramus

Over the years, fast-casual restaurants have become a dominant force in the dining industry, praised for their accessibility and simplicity, all while using premium ingredients, cooked fresh. NAYA, the newest Middle Eastern eatery to come to Paramus, is certainly no different. 

NAYA Paramus

Photos courtesy of NAYA

Originally opening in 2010, NAYA offers guests authentic flavors of the Middle East. Their customization options mean that there are hundreds of combinations for diners to choose from. The small chain has been praised for affordable food done right. NAYA Paramus is New Jersey’s first location, among several others sprinkled throughout the tri-state area and Pennsylvania. 

The concept at NAYA is simple. Diners first start by choosing a base for their meal—which gives them the option of a fresh pita, white rice (among other grains) or a crisp salad. Then, you choose your protein. Options range from chicken shawarma to falafel and cauliflower. NAYA remains a favorite amongst vegetarians and vegans alike for their several plant-based options. 


Photos courtesy of NAYA

Then—arguably the best part—toppings. Guests choose from 17 different toppings to finish off their meal. Garlic toum, Lebanese pickles, lemon tahini and much more make up the wide array of toppings that are available at NAYA. 

Along with complete meals are several appetizers and small bites. Stuffed grape leaves, tabbouleh and kibbeh (a Lebanese fried beef dumpling) are some of the go-to options for customers at NAYA. 

NAYA Paramus is also bringing something new to the table, Za’atar Road. The thoughtfully curated retail marketplace aims to celebrate the farmers and artisans of the Eastern Mediterranean—also known as the Levant. Artisanal foods such as spices, jams and vinegars can be found at Za’atar Road, but the options are not limited to food. Beauty supplies and home goods are also in abundance. The marketplace adds yet another thoughtful shopping experience for Paramus residents. 

It is no secret that Paramus has been broadening its horizons in the last few years. With changes coming to GSP and several new restaurants opening in the area, Paramus aims to create a town that centers community interests first. NAYA and its marketplace, Za’atar Road, comes at a time when this couldn’t be more apparent. The Middle Eastern fast-casual joint adds to the growing list of options for Paramus residents, shoppers and anyone who is simply passing through.

NAYA Paramus is open now at 305 Route 17 South.


Photos courtesy of NAYA

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