How To Use Your Intranet To Build A Stronger Company Culture?

A strong company culture is like the secret sauce that holds everything together. In the competitive market where new startups are launched and succumbing, keeping a strong culture is something that can guarantee success. Creating such a culture isn’t a challenge, but sustaining it is. One such tool that helps you sustain and build a stronger company culture is the intranet. Let’s see how.

The Intranet’s Role In Building Company Culture

Your intranet can do more than just act like a repository for storing crucial documents for your company. It can be a helpful assistant in reinforcing and maintaining a uniform culture whether you are operating from a single location or multiple premises. Here’s how:

1. Communication And Transparency

Your intranet is where everyone gathers to hear the latest news about your company. Regular updates, announcements, and transparency about company values and initiatives can be easily communicated through this platform. If you have a large number of employees and are not sure how this will work for you, you can request an intranet demo to test it before deploying it for real.

Sharing success stories, introducing new team members, or posting about company-wide events can all foster a sense of unity and pride in your organisation.

2. Collaboration And Connection

Collaboration tools on your intranet help people from different departments to come and work together. This exudes a sense of collaboration and keeps people connected who often won’t talk to each other. Cross-departmental collaboration can lead to innovative solutions, and employees from different areas can build connections, even if they’re not in the same physical location.

3. Recognition And Celebration

Just as a community celebrates achievements in the park, your intranet can be a place to recognise and celebrate individual and team accomplishments. For example, a dedicated section for employee recognition allows team members to express their appreciation, creating a positive atmosphere of mutual support and acknowledgement.

4. Onboarding And Orientation

Your intranet is the welcome centre for your employees, providing them the space to find resources, training materials, and information about company values, helping them begin their journey seamlessly in your organisation. You can let new hires access the onboarding checklist, watch introductory videos, and read about the company’s mission, vision, and values – all of which contribute to a shared culture.

5. Employee Feedback And Surveys

Feedback drives improvements that let you improve with time. On your intranet software, allowing your employees to share their feedback and concerns could be an eye-opener for you.

For instance, conducting surveys on topics like work-life balance or company initiatives shows employees that their voices matter, creating a culture of openness and improvement.

6. Knowledge Sharing

Last but not least, your intranet tool does act as a repository for resources, best practices, and insights. It can be a place where your employees can share their learnings and grow together. Employees can access training materials, industry news, and articles written by colleagues, promoting continuous learning and development.

Practical Steps To Strengthen Company Culture With Your Intranet

Now that we understand the intranet’s potential in shaping company culture, let’s delve into practical steps to leverage this tool effectively.

  • Define Your Cultural Values: Start by defining your company’s cultural values. These values will serve as the foundation upon which your intranet content is built.
  • Create A User-Friendly Intranet: Ensure that your intranet is easy to navigate, search, and access.
  • Encourage Employee Contributions: Encourage employees to share content, articles, and insights on the intranet.
  • Use Multimedia And Visuals: incorporate images, videos, and infographics to make your intranet more captivating.
  • Celebrate Milestones: Share the journey, achievements, and challenges that have shaped your culture.
  • Feedback Mechanisms: Act on the feedback to show that you value your employees’ input.

Parting Thoughts

Companies that stand apart from the crowd are shaped by their culture. So whether you are starting a business or looking to scale it, keeping a strong culture becomes challenging. In such a scenario, using an intranet tool is the best way to build a strong culture and keep your employees following it.

Originally posted 2023-10-25 11:38:40.