Where to Satisfy Your Munchies in New Jersey

When you’ve got the munchies, nothing should stand in the way between you and some divine eats—especially on 4/20. From fat sandwiches and dim sum, to ice cream and other desserts, we’ve got you covered. Here is where to satisfy the munchies in New Jersey.

Rutt’s Hut

What’s better than a ripper or a cheeseburger dipped in gravy when you got the munchies? Not much. At Rutt’s Hut you can satisfy all of your cravings in a vintage setting. It’s been the munchies capital of Clifton for 95 years for good reason.


Tacos La Gringa

Tacos are a no-brainer in this regard. Tacos La Gringa has a variety of tacos, quesadillas, and other Mexican specialties for you to try, but the Tacos Al Pastor specifically hit the spot on 4/20. 


Ani Ramen

Though it might not be your first thought for munchies food, ramen actually has everything you need when you’re hungrier than your mind can comprehend. Noodles, meat, broth, veggies—you name it. Lucky for you, there are Ani Ramens all over the place in New Jersey.

Cranford, Maplewood, Montclair, Jersey City, Summit, Princeton

KPOT – Multiple Locations

All you can eat Korean barbecue—need I say more? KPOT has multiple locations and is immensely popular for the Korean barbecue and hot pot combo, where guests can order as much meat as they please. Munchies heaven.

East Brunswick, Union, Englewood, Jersey City, Kearny

Steve’s Burgers

Steve’s Burgers is your classic,  no-frills burger joint. Beyond the juicy hamburgers, Steve’s has hand-cut fries, hot dogs, cheesesteaks and crave-worthy milkshakes.

Garfield, North Bergen

Krug’s Tavern

Many people call this the best burger in New Jersey. Krug’s serves up a thick patty that is griddled hard on a flat top. It’s juicy and well-seasoned. Did we mention it’s everything one could want when they have the munchies?]


Mamoun’s Falafel

No 4/20 cruise would be complete without Mamoun’s Falafel in Hoboken. This beloved Washington Street spot is known for its delicious Middle Eastern cuisine—serving up classics such as falafel, hummus, baba ganoush, and more. Shawarma platter. Fries. Garlic sauce dip. Just do it and thank us later.



It’s in the name. Munchy’s has long been providing Little Falls residents with American-style tacos, burritos, the famous mudslide fries (disco fries) and more. The Dealer’s Choice menu is perfect for the munchies, which boasts several fat sandwiches.

Little Falls

Tops Diner

A high person’s dream, Tops Diner is more than just a diner. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and yes, insane desserts. Tops is one of those places where you can’t go wrong with anything you choose. For those craving a plethora of flavors, they’ve got you covered too.

East Newark

Applegate Farm

If you just need something sweet, there’s nowhere better than Applegate Farms in Montclair. You may know it from its cameo on The Sopranos, but we know it as a legendary ice cream parlor with hundreds of items to choose from.


Lyndhurst Pastry Shop

You can’t go wrong with pastries and Italian ice. At Lyndhurst Pastry shop you can satisfy your sweet tooth by grabbing a cannoli or sfogliatella inside, then heading to the counter outside and grabbing a pint of their famous Italian ice. They sell single servings too, but it’s 4/20—live a little.


RU Hungry?

Craving French fries, chicken tenders, and mozzarella sticks all at the same time? RU Hungry has you covered with their fat sandwiches. The taste is unbeatable. The Fat Darrell has a perfect balance of savory, crunchy, and juicy. So ‘roll’ up your sleeves and eat up on 4/20.

New Brunswick 

Papa’s Tomato Pies

At Papa’s, Trenton-style tomato pies are all the rage. Established in 1912, this legendary pizzeria served Trenton for 100 years before moving to nearby Robbinsville in 2013. For Trentonians, this has been the go-to munchies spot for over a century. 


Broad Street Dough Co.

After satisfying your savory cravings it’s time for dessert. What better way to do that than with a crazy donut? From classic flavors like glazed to wild ones like Pineapple Upside Down and Girl Scout cookies, there is something for each stoner to enjoy.

Oakhurst, Freehold


Taliercio’s has some of NJ’s most sought after sandwiches and in a state rife with delis, that’s high praise. Their sandwiches are famous for being jam-packed with meat, but don’t forget to pick up an order of fried raviolis while you’re there. 

Middletown, Red Bank

Stuff Yer Face

Come and stuff your face at Stuff Yer Face. The stromboli is large and packed with flavorful ingredients, making it the perfect munchies food. The chicken wing “potachoes” are crispy, spicy, and creamy. This is exactly the kind of ‘joint’ you would wanna be at for 4/20. 

New Brunswick

Taqueria Maria’s

You can’t go wrong with tacos on 4/20 but whats even better is Taqueria Maria’s nachos. These nachos are filled with cheese, meat, guac, sour cream and jalapeños. The spot offers a great value for generous portions and unbelievable flavors. 

Monroe Township

Jersey Freeze – Freehold, NJ 

This old-school ice cream parlor has been serving locals frozen treats since the 1950s. Dozens of flavors, sundaes, milkshakes and more.

El Confetti Mexican Ice Cream

El Confetti is a Mexican-inspired ice cream and dessert shop that South Jerseyans flock to for sweet treats. Their mini pancakes are a stoner’s dream, though. With it you get a box loaded with mini pancakes, sliced fruit, nutella and ice cream. 

Cherry Hill

Dim Sum House

If you’re like us, you crave dumplings when you’re in space. Dim Sum House in Cherry Hill serves authentic Dim Sum such as soup dumplings, scallion pancakes and dan dan noodles. The large menu leaves you with plenty of options.

Cherry Hill

Pete & Elda’s

This shore spot is famous for cracker-thin bar pies. They even have a challenge where if you finish an XXL pie by yourself in 30 minutes or less, you get to take home a t-shirt. When you’ve got the munchies, it’s almost like cheating. Almost.  

Neptune City

Julio’s on Main

Birria is the perfect answer to the munchies. It’s salty, fatty and just plain delicious. At Julio’s on Main you can enjoy birria as well as a load of other Mexican classics. The birria box feeds four to seven people, but on 4/20 it might be more like one to two. 


Steaks Unlimited 

Gym, tan, cheesesteak. What’s better than Seaside’s go-to cheesesteak spot when you’ve got the munchies? The Seaside Tony in particular brings a cheesesteak loaded with peppers, onions and fried cheese balls. If it’s good enough for DJ Pauly D, it’s good enough for us. Enough said. 

Seaside Heights

Lillo’s Tomato Pies

In addition to having Trenton-style tomato pies, Lillo’s has the best cheesesteak you’ll find in Philly or Jersey. No, seriously. It’s cheesy, loaded with a pound of sliced ribeye and served up on a fresh, seeded roll—did I mention it’s the perfect food when you’re high?


Stio’s Water Ice & Ice Cream

If you’re looking for the perfect sweet spot to satisfy your post J woes, Stio’s Water Ice & Ice Cream is the place to be. Seriously, they’ve got more flavors of water ice than you could imagine. From classic lemon to the more nuanced cotton candy. And if ice cream is more your jam, indulge in the adventurous donut sundae


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